Here are a number of frequently-asked questions:

How much personal time will it take?

In addition to weekly rehearsals throughout the year, we perform and receive education throughout the year.

Performances: In addition to an annual show and a Christmas show, we perform in the greater Chattanooga area about 6-8 times per year. Some are full chorus performances, but many only require a small ensemble. When you become a member and learn some repertoire, you will be asked what your general availablity is and the director will use it to contact you periodically as a possible participant.

Education: We participate in Sweet Adelines International's yearly regional competition in the spring. In February, we have an annual coached weekend retreat to focus on preparing for it and two or three Saturday coaching sessions each year.

What is the cost?

When you join Scenic City Chorus, you'll also become a member of Sweet Adelines International and Region 4.  There is an initial start-up cost to cover your International membership.  After that, we have monthly dues that will cover most expenses.

What is the audition procedure?

On your second visit, you will be given the sheet music and a CD of our audition song.  When you are ready, the director will schedule a time for your audition. You will be asked to sing in a quartet (you and the three other parts) in front of the director and your part section leader. 

Do I have to be a great singer?

No, you do not have to be a great singer—nor do you have to be a trained singer.  We are looking for women who can carry a tune and show some ability to hold a harmony part against the song melody.

How do I learn the songs?

Sheet music and learning tracks for our songs are uploaded to the Members Only area on our website.  Learning tracks offer each song in three modes: your individual part line, all four parts with your part dominant, and three parts with your part missing. After becoming a member, you are given access to the learning tracks and sheet music on-line.