There are many reasons to think about joining an a cappella chorus. The most important things to Scenic City are that you love to sing, like to have fun doing it, and want to continuously improve your skills and the performance of the chorus.

Many have said they “….came for the music, but stayed for the friendships”.
One member summarized it well: “I had no idea how much joy I would find singing a cappella with SCC.  The commitment, the connection to each other, the beauty of the harmony, are remarkable. I was hooked after a few rehearsals.”
Whether you are singing now, sang years ago and long to perform again, or are simply known as the first to sign up for karaoke, we would love for you to find your place with us!

Come to one or more rehearsals! (see Visit a Rehearsal)
There is no better way to know until you visit, participate, and truly assess if SCC is right for you. 
When do we rehearse?
Rehearsals are every Monday, from 6:30-9:30 PM Eastern time 
Spring Creek Road Baptist Church
1312 Spring Creek Rd
Chattanooga TN 37412.

Please come ready and willing to sing with us and have a great time. Relax and have fun!

* If you live more than 100 miles away, or are otherwise unable to regularly attend rehearsals, and are a current or former Sweet Adeline/Harmony Inc./or a similar group, please consider an OOTER (Out Of Towner) Membership.  Contact for more information.

What to Expect on Your First Visit
When you visit a SCC chorus rehearsal, our director, Jen Cooke, will meet with you privately, get to know you a bit, listen to you sing a little, and voice-place you. That simply means she’ll listen to your voice and determine your most comfortable range and what part you would sing. Then you join us on the risers, standing next to a member singing the same part.
The first visit is all about getting a sense of who we are, and if that’s a fit for you. We want you to experience the music and see if the kind of fun we have is the kind of fun you would like to have.
We hope you’ll come back! If you think our chorus could become your chorus, we ask you to come back for a few more visits and more information.

Audition Process
After a few visits, if we still seem like a good fit, we will give you the information needed and help get you into the audition process.  But first, have fun and enjoy singing with us.

After passing your audition, a new member is partnered with a long-time member for support. Small groups of members will work with you to quickly learn all of our songs. Everyone is willing to help, and soon you’ll be helping a new member yourself!

How often do we perform?

We have traditionally had 2 major performances and a regional competition each year, plus a number of smaller performances. The pandemic of 2020-2022 interfered with any performances, but we are now in performance mode once again. We had a show in November 2022, competed in March 2023, and have a show scheduled for October 2023.


Regular Membership
:  This membership is for those who are geographically close enough to join in-person rehearsals. Once they have auditioned and joined, they have full access to the website, all printed music and learning tracks, and may participate in performances and contests. 

OOTer (Out of Towner) Membership
:  These members typically live 100+ miles from Chattanooga. They have passed the audition and have full access to the website, all printed music and learning tracks. They participate weekly in online chorus rehearsals and attend in-person rehearsals according to an individual plan they have agreed upon with the director. They may participate in performances and contests in accordance with rehearsal and retreat requirements established by the director.

Virtual Membership:
 Interested singers may audition and join us online every Monday as a part of our chorus, with no expectation of in person rehearsals or performances. They have access to music/learning tracks, may participate in all educational events, and enjoy opportunities to sing in virtual chorus projects. 

Youth Membership:
 If you are 25 or younger, please ask for more information. There is a special category and dues rate, and we would love to have you join us!



What is Barbershop?

Barbershop’s four voice parts are called by their traditional names - tenor, lead, baritone and bass. One of the distinctive qualities of barbershop harmony is that the melody, usually sung by the lead voice, is below the tenor harmony.
·Lead is the melody and is sung in the range between A below middle C, and C above middle C.
·Tenor is a harmony part sung consistently above the lead. Although tenor is the highest voice in barbershop harmony, it should not be confused with soprano of conventional singing groups. The tenor should have a light, sweet, pure tone that will compliment but not overpower the lead voice.
·Baritone covers approximately the same range as lead. The baritone harmony notes cross the lead notes; sometimes sung below and sometimes above. Baritones must constantly adjust their balance to accommodate their position in the chord.
·Bass singers should have a rich, mellow voice and be able to sing the E flat below middle C easily. Basses should not be confused with the alto of conventional groups. Many altos can sing the bass part, but others are much better suited to lead or baritone, depending on range and vocal quality.

Check out our 2023 contest performance for examples! 
(10) Scenic City Region 4 (2023) - YouTube

Do I have to read music?

No. Many of our members read music, but it’s not a requirement. We learn new songs with audio tracks that can be downloaded, as well as with print music.  We don’t spend a lot of rehearsal time in sectionals: singers are expected to work on the music individually.  But, you’ll learn quickly, whether you read music or not, and we all learn new songs together.

Will I have to sing alone?

Since our art form requires four parts, we rarely do anything alone! Even the audition is done in a quartet, which the music team arranges for you, once you have learned your part.

Am I good enough?

Yes! If you can carry a tune, are willing to learn, have fun at our rehearsals, feel the joy of our music, and have the desire to perform, you have everything you need to succeed at singing barbershop.

Is there an age limit?

Our members range from 18-80+, and all are welcome to join in the fun and work toward common goals.  Younger members are welcomed with parental permission. Sweet Adelines International offers financial benefits for members under 25: lower membership dues, reduced registration costs and more. Scholarship opportunities are also available. 
Is there a cost?
Yes, there is a small cost for monthly dues and costumes. Additional costs may be involved if you want to participate with the chorus in regional competitions, but that is optional. A summary of expenses will be provided to those interested in auditioning.
Additional questions?
Please feel free to contact members of the “Membership Team” at    
·Vicki Petzko, Membership Team Leader 
·Christine Fish 
·*Jacque Giovani 
·Sheila Killingsworth 
*Note: Jacque lives in High Point NC and is an OOTER with SCC and dual with Carolina Style. She auditioned virtually and would be happy to answer questions about “remote membership”. 

Thank you to our friends at Metro Nashville Chorus and Sweet Adelines International for some of the words/definitions we have used.  We appreciate your generosity!


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